your website is your homebase.

Social media marketing has taken over as the marketing strategy of choice, but how effective is it really to communicate with your customers at the mercy of another platform? You can be generating all the right content, but even if you’re able to get it in front of their faces, you can’t control what other messages they receive. Developing a beautifully branded website that garners new interest from your audience and keeps them interested allows you to spend more time marketing to them, without interruptions.

Let’s build your dream “home”.

I’m eager to show you just what a stunning website can do for your brand and the overall success of your business. Let’s create an engaging site with all the right information about your products and services that’s optimized to rank higher in search engines and on Pinterest to bring in new traffic regularly. Together, we’ll take your audience on a journey through easy-to-navigate pages of information that showcase you and your offerings. Connect with me to start a project by clicking below!

website designs start at $2,750.


the process

Step one: Submit your client homework
I’ll send you a welcome packet and content document for you to fill out. This helps us nail down the content we’ll be putting up on your site to outline the pages before we begin the design.

Step two: The design process
Once I have all your content, I’ll spend about 7-10 days working on your new site design. I’ll send you a link to watch as the changes happen, so you can offer feedback periodically throughout the project.

Step three: Cap off the design
After we’ve finalized the layout of your pages and the basic design, we’ll add the finishing touches like custom backgrounds, icons, and buttons to inject more of your brand personality into the site. I’ll send you access to the site as well as tips on how to execute the launch of your new site to your audience, and and walk you through any final questions you have!