Publication Design for Latter-day Teen Magazine

There are few things as satisfying to me as flipping through a gorgeously curated magazine of eye-catching content. It’s so unique that I get to hold a copy of my work in my hands, because other than business cards or mobile sites, you can’t really hold a physical logo or website in your hand. I love seeing the final product of each issue of Latter-day Teen because it’s such a beautiful representation of the incredible content that the founders curate together.

Publication design for Latter-day Teen Magazine by Rachel Cottrell of The Bloom Design Company | #publicationdesign #magazinedesign #teenmagazine #lds #christianmagazine #modernmagazine #youthmagazine #ldspublication #subscription #creativebusiness #mycreativebiz #womeninbusiness #bossbabe #girlboss

the client

Latter-day Teen Magazine is an LDS/Christian magazine geared toward teens, filled to the brim with quality content that appeals to both teens and the parents purchasing the subscription on their behalf. The editors of this magazine, Emily and Jenn, have given me the chance of a lifetime in allowing me to work so closely with them in designing their magazine, website, and Instagram feed.

first steps

organizing the content and styling the cover

Emily and Jenn deliver all the content for the magazine over to me prior to starting the design. I use their content to gauge how much space should be dedicated to different articles, and where to place the (usually) full size ads throughout the magazine. Often, the cover is the first thing done because I’m usually too excited to start the project and begin designing the cover before I even have all the articles and content.

Magazine cover design for Latter-day Teen Magazine by  Rachel Cottrell of The Bloom Design Company | #publicationdesign #magazinedesign #teenmagazine #lds #christianmagazine #modernmagazine #youthmagazine #ldspublication #subscription #creativebusiness #mycreativebiz #womeninbusiness #bossbabe #girlboss

laying out spreads

For this magazine, we don’t have a set font guide for the headers and article titles through the magazine. There are a few fonts that stay consistent magazine to magazine, like the styling of the body text, captions, and bylines, but a lot of the headlines used are unique and friendly, while still professional and legible. Instead of sticking to a font list, we stick to a font style, which is a fun change from other projects where I’m designing off of a brand guide.


additional pages

A priority for this magazine is to use lots of full-page imagery, whether that means we add text on top of the images or perhaps we style the layouts to include space for these large images. It helps the magazine feel high-quality to use such large, colorful images, and adds lots of visual interest to break up large pages of text.


It’s always so exciting to work on issues of this magazine! I love seeing it all come together in a final version, and then getting to hold a physical copy of that design in my hands after it’s printed.


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