Brand Design for Jessica Dawn Studios

As a creative small business owner, you’re wearing a lot of hats: you run the marketing team, you’re the contracted labor, you are your own business and legal advisor, and, of course, you’re the CEO. What a lot of new entrepreneurs don’t realize is that you could save yourself so much time and money simply by outsourcing some aspects of running your business to experts, saving you the stress and hassle of learning to become an expert in one more thing you haven’t had experience with.

Brand design for Jessica Dawn Studios by Rachel Cottrell of The Bloom Design Company | #graphicdesigner #branddesign #weddingphotographer #romanticweddingphotos #modernbrand #moodboard #photogbranding #branding #familyphotographer #creativebusiness #mycreativebiz #womeninbusiness #bossbabe #girlboss

the client

Jessica is a wedding and family photography with a really bright, cheery vibe. Her images are elegant and dreamy, with lots of pastel colors and flowing compositions. Jessica was looking for a new logo to represent the new direction her business had taken in the recent years, and I’m so glad she came to me!

first steps

logo concepts and final choice

I started by sending Jessica three initial logo concepts. I think I got so close to her vision with those initial drafts, that we struggled to nail down a favorite for quite a while! After several rounds of tweaks back and forth, we finally found that balance we’d both been looking for, and I’m so excited with how the logo came out. Here is a look at her full logo and an alternate version she can use for social media or watermarks, or other smaller areas like that.

Logo design for Jessica Dawn Studios by Rachel Cottrell of The Bloom Design Company | #graphicdesigner #branddesign #weddingphotographer #romanticweddingphotos #modernbrand #moodboard #photogbranding #branding #familyphotographer #creativebusiness #mycreativebiz #womeninbusiness #bossbabe #girlboss
Alternate logo design for Jessica Dawn Studios by Rachel Cottrell | #graphicdesigner #branddesign #weddingphotographer #romanticweddingphotos #modernbrand #moodboard #photogbranding #branding #familyphotographer #creativebusiness #mycreativebiz #womeninbusiness #bossbabe #girlboss

building out the brand

After finalizing the logo concepts, I worked on putting together a brand guide that Jessica could use as a reference for future designs, or when working on her website or with other designers for graphics for her business. We chose pastel colors that fit with her “bright and dreamy” vibe as well as as an elegant font combination that utilizes my ultimate, favorite versatile brand font — Europa!

Brand guide designed for Jessica Dawn Studios by Rachel Cottrell with fonts, colors, and logo variations for easy reference | #graphicdesigner #branddesign #weddingphotographer #romanticweddingphotos #modernbrand #moodboard #photogbranding #branding #familyphotographer #creativebusiness #mycreativebiz #womeninbusiness #bossbabe #girlboss

collateral items

After getting feedback from Jessica and finalizing her brand guide, I started in on her branded collateral designs she requested as part of this project. I created several Instagram Stories Highlights covers to represent the different Highlights collections she wanted to display on her profile, a Facebook cover image with her contact info directly in the graphic, and a two-sided business card that matched her new brand.


I loved working with Jessica, because photographers are fantastic clients. They care enough about the visual aesthetics of their brand to even start a project, but they’re also professionals and creatives themselves and understand the value of coming to me to work my magic, and not wasting time on a project that’s not in their wheelhouse.


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