Brand Design for Cache Valley Barbeque

A brand design communicates more than your logo and brand colors. In fact, a lot of logos I design are very simplistic color palettes and the brand colors are communicated more in the graphics and images. It’s always a fun adventure to create a brand that is unique and communicates a new style than one I’ve ever created for, like this rugged, masculine design for Cache Valley Barbecue.

Brand design for Cache Valley Barbeque by Rachel Cottrell of The Bloom Design Company | #graphicdesigner #branddesign #onlineshop #barbecue #bbq #brandguide #competitionbarbecue #barbeque #bbqrubs #traeger #onlineshopping #wholesalebbq #manboss #homerunbusiness

the client

Considering he is married to me, Josh is subjected to a lot of “extra” in his life. The second he dreamed up this idea for his little business, I got started designing a brand for it. Cache Valley Barbeque is an online grilling accessories and resources shop, sort of a little hobby project for Josh in his spare time.

first steps

main logo

Josh’s shop needed a main logo that could act as his website header. This would be the “full” version of his logo, and in other places he’d use a simpler variation. We wanted a modern, rustic look, something that communicated the manliness of his BBQ brand, but also something that was clean and simple so that it would translate into different forms easily enough. We also came up with the idea of using a criss-cross of two grilling utensils above the logo as an icon.


logo variation

Here is a look at the more simplistic secondary logo we created to use in packaging and social media profile pictures, and other branded paraphernalia.

Alternate logo design for Cache Valley Barbeque by Rachel Cottrell of The Bloom Design Company | #graphicdesign #sophisticated #classic #intentionalliving #moodboard #branddesign #colorpalette #brandinspiration #branddesigner #logodesigner #styleboard

building out the brand

With the logo and its variations designed, we just needed to fill out the brand with more colors that weren’t too colorful, but more muted in tones that would accentuate the content of the images we would share on social media and on his website.

Brand guide for Cache Valley Barbeque designed by Rachel Cottrell of The Bloom Design Company | #cachevalley #barbeque #barbecue #manbrand #grilling #branddesign #graphicdesigner #logodesigner #moodboard #brandguide

collateral items

As Josh’s brand grows, we’ll develop more collateral designs. We have plans for a stamp to use on tissue paper for packaging when he ships products, and maybe a design for a hat or t-shirt for when he sells at farmer’s markets and pop-up trade shows.

I’m grateful for a husband who lets me create full brands for his fledgling ideas without getting too annoyed! This design was really fun for me because it was so different from my normal brand design project, both in industry and in style.


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