meet rachel

I’m a suburban midwest gal transplanted into a small, beautiful valley in northern Utah.

A few (lesser-known) defining moments of my life:
June 17th, 2012: The day I pegged Josh as the man of my dreams.
March 13th, 2016: The day we found out there were two babies in there, not just one.
June 13th, 2018: The day I brought on my second assistant at The Bloom Design Company, and realized that my little hobby turned hustle had so much more potential than I thought.



I came to college with the hopes of pursuing an education in graphic design, but found a better groove in Marketing, which I think served me well. I already had the passion and beginning skillset for design, which I’ve honed over the past seven years of providing freelance design work. Pairing that with my knowledge of marketing and business has allowed me to better understand how to serve the small business owners who hire me.

I started with Christmas card designs and a lifestyle blog for a couple of years before I had my twin boys, Hank & Cory. Just before they were born, I started working for a hospitality group as their lead graphic designer and marketing assistant. Throughout a year of fun projects and balancing work with being a new mom, I learned how important it is to feel that you’re earning your worth. The benefit of a small paycheck each week just didn’t do it for me when I was sacrificing so much time away from my family. I started The Bloom Design Company back up again, and just a few short years later, I’m serving two audiences with two websites.



While The Bloom Design Company is my space for providing side hustle solutions to creatives who are just starting out or trying to grow their small business, this site is my love letter to design. It’s my portfolio of favorite projects with established creative entrepreneurs looking to level-up their business with beautiful brands, websites, and publications to spread the word about their talents and services.

looking for someone who

loves to-do lists, cookies, and minimalism as a lifestyle?

you’ve found her!